Co-buying a Home When It Doesn’t Include Your Spouse!

Traditionally, buying a home either consists of one person buying a home in his or her name or a married or committed couple buying a home as a family venture. Those trends have not and will not go by the way-side, but there’s a ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of home ownership and it has to do with buying a home with a relative or friend – becoming a co-owner of a home in a more untraditional fashion which, by the way, does have its advantages.  Assuming two or more people share common insight and foresight in addition to being emotionally mature and financially sound, a shared-purchase arrangement can allow one to live in a more spacious or more elaborate home than one would have been able to do, otherwise.

As with anything of importance, you would want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages; and here are some things to consider regarding co-ownership:

The Title

Co-owners in a home-purchase agreement are known as the grantees; and they legally share the title, though not necessarily equally.  There are a couple of options two or more co-owners can choose from and they include:

1:  TIC—as tenants in common

2:  JTWROS—as joint tenants with right of survivorship

There are differences and similarities between these two scenarios. The differences, especially, are important to be aware of regarding sell time, down the road, or one party relinquishing his or her interest in ownership, at any given time.

*** The Differences:   A TIC arrangement is, by far, the most common method for co-buyers to take a title; and with a TIC, a 50/50 split is not necessary. Unequal shares in the property are perfectly acceptable.   If one of the co-owners were to die, then more than likely, that co-owner’s beneficiaries would receive that portion of the home ownership. 

In contrast to the TIC, a JTWROS, more often than not, mandates that equal ownership in the home take place.  If two people co-own, then a 50/50 split in ownership should be expected; if three people co-own, then one-third ownership goes to each party, etc.  Now, if one joint owner were to die, the remaining owner or owners would automatically gain the deceased owner’s portion of the title.  This requirement is so entrenched in the law that even if one co-owner stipulated in a will that an heir, outside of the ownership circle, were to be the beneficiary of the respective portion,  chances are very good that request would be legally considered null and void. 

When second or third co-owners gain ownership rights of the deceased, no court or probate hearings are deemed necessary; it’s that cut and dry.

*** The Similarities:  With both the TIC and JTWROS, each owner has an undivided interest in the property, which means all parties can use and enjoy the home entirely.  If one party wished to relinquish his or her portion, regardless of what that portion might be, he or she would be required to sell his or her interest in the property.  The new buyer would obtain identical rights as the previous owner. 

The Co-Ownership Agreement

Get it in writing!” is an adage we have all heard; and not only should you do this regarding a co-ownership agreement with buying a home, but it’s crucial and prudent!   Because we are all only human, we can fall victim to personality rifts, financial challenges and unexpected consequences we never dreamt of when all things, initially, looked picture-perfect.

Co-ownership agreements don’t have to be long and drawn-out, though they can be.  Even though these agreements can be short, they should clearly cover the following:

1:  What percentage is owned by whom?  This is especially important in cases of unforeseen death of a co-owner or a co-owner deciding to sell his or her portion.  Know who will receive what, and have it in writing!

2:  Who is responsible for on-going expenses? This would be a personal decision between the co-owners; and should be a part of the written agreement.  Any number of considerations would go into the decision-making process that should include how much of the mortgage, utilities, property taxes, home insurance, etc. would be paid by whom; based on who might live in the home the most, who paid the most or the least of the down-payment, who is contributing more towards renovation costs, etc.  This can be as tailored to the parties’ specifications.

3:  What about relinquishing one’s co-ownership? Have you ever co-owned a checking account with another person?  If so, you already know you or your partner, in ownership, did not need one another’s permission to withdraw money from the account; you or your partner were able to do that at any time for any reason.  The same holds true when one co-owns a home.  Regardless of whether it is a TIC or JTWROS arrangement, any co-owner is not obligated to receive approval to sell an interest in the property.  As you can imagine, this can lead to some unintended consequences, especially for the co-owner(s) who are not selling.

With that being said, sharing the purchase of a home can, theoretically, work out very well and reduce one’s debt burden.  However, a lot of in-depth consideration should take place before any legal papers are signed with a friend or family member since you just might not know them as well as you might think you do.   There’s another adage that might be appropriate here, “You never really know someone until you live with them” – so, so true.

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How Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Business

Cloud computing is the latest revolution in the business world. The easiest way to describe cloud computing would be to say that it is computing done over the internet. Cloud computing allows you to basically use the same types of programs and applications that you usually use on your standard workstation, but without having to have the physical servers and equipment needed to run them. This allows you to get the same type of productivity that you got out of your traditional computer set up, but from a much more energy and space efficient set up. Cloud computing is becoming one of the most popular ways to do business in today’s evolving office space. Some analysts have predicted that companies will be spending upwards of $100 billion on cloud computing technology, so if you are looking for a way to streamline and make your office more efficient, than cloud computing may be for you.

If you are looking to achieve more flexibility out of your computing set up, than switching to a cloud based set up is what you need. Cloud based computing can allow you the flexibility to increase your bandwidth any time that you feel it is necessary, which is a great thing for your business. Another great advantage of cloud computing is the fact that you can recover from a serious problem much easier. Some studies have found that companies who use the cloud can recover from problems nearly four times faster than companies that use traditional computers. Another great advantage of using a cloud based system is that your employees can work from anywhere, giving you increased productivity at a great cost. Anywhere that the cloud can be accessed can turn into a potential work place, allowing employees to be able to get their work done from the comfort of their own home.

Cloud computing offers many great advantages that can advance your office into the next level of business. Cloud computing allows your employees to have better control over the documents that you are working with, and can also provide better security for the confidential work that you may be doing. Cloud computing is also good for the environment, as it allows you to get rid of energy consuming servers and workstations, and that will both save you money on energy consumption and space inside of your office. Consider switching to a cloud based office today.

Finding Similarities Between Businesses and Life

Termite Control and Treatment: When Should You Do It If you are owning a residential or commercial building, then for sure you want to determine when you should be conducting termite control in your property. By the time you are able to know when you should do termite control, you will be able to diminish the chances of your property to get damaged. It is during spring that most termites reproduce and lay their eggs. They tend to be different from other animals. Aside from that, they hatch their eggs after having burrowed a moist soil. While the termites are in the process of waiting for their eggs to be hatches, they usually do a lot of activities around your property. They do this to find a way to nourish their babies. With all these facts given you can come up to the conclusion that the best time to do termite control is just before the season of spring. However, it is practically essential to consider the idea of applying termite control the entire year if you want your property to be free from insect damages month after month. You may need to reach out to a termite control company to be able to know how to do the process in a proper manner.
What You Should Know About Services This Year
There are some factors or aspects which you need to look into when having to choose the best and the right service provider. Primarily, you need to check the qualifications or credentials of the company. If you want to be taking a safe step, then you need to reach out to a service provider who has already rendered near to ten years of service. They are the ones who seem to have mastered the job already.
What You Should Know About Services This Year
The next thing that you need to check out is the reputation of the company. The manner by which people living in and around your community view the service provider is important. It gives you an idea as to whether the company renders satisfiable service to clients or not. You can dig up more information about a particular service provider by interviewing some of your friends, workmates and other acquaintances. These people can give you valuable information if they have dealt with several termite control companies before. The internet is also a good place to start looking for termite control companies. The internet is a rich source of almost all kinds of information that you want to dig up. And the advantage that you can get if you do online searching is that you can start and finish the task without having to wait for a long period of time.

Accident Attorney Advertising: How to Get More Clients to Your Website

In this age, there’s no bigger way to gain customers than internet advertising. However, it’s not just as simple as putting an ad on the internet and waiting for the customers to start visiting your website. In fact, most of your business will not come from the advertisements directly. In fact, most of your business will come from people searching online for businesses like yours. The best accident attorney advertising will mean that your business is at the top of the search engine results, not that you spend thousands of dollars placing ads people aren’t going to click on.

Instead of spending your money on the basic ads that are placed on websites, you’re going to want to spend the time working with a SEO professional to get your website to the top of the search engine listings. Most of the time, when someone does a search on one of the major search engines, they’re only going to click through to the first few links that pop up. If you’re not even on the first page of results, customers aren’t going to easily find your website. If they can’t find your website through the search engines, they’re not going to become your clients.

When you work with a professional SEO company, they’ll use a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your website to the top of the listings. This is done through specific actions that must follow guidelines created by the major search engines, and if these guidelines aren’t followed your website could be penalized and not show up in the search results at all. The professionals who work with SEO know all of the guidelines and know all of the techniques to quickly and easily boost your website to the very top position of the search engine results for keywords that are relative to your business.

You know more potential clients out there and using the internet to find the attorney they’re looking for. You want that attorney to be you, so you need to work with SEO techniques to ensure they can find your website, not your competitors, when they search for a car accident attorney. By working with a professional who does SEO techniques, you can make sure your business is at the top of the listings as quickly as possible.

Invest in Ammunition in Bulk When You Get Your Concealed Handgun Permit

Securing yourself is certainly of significant importance in the current civilization. Police departments across the state happen to be struggling with financial support from the government to maintain law enforcement officials on your neighborhoods and a sluggish police response duration could equate to a very serious scenario if you aren’t able to protect your family. A lot of carry concealed weapon license holders choose the 45 Glock Automatic Pistol because it is pocketbook or holster size portable. It certainly is not adequate to possess a gun, however. You need to understand using your weapon if you should end up in a situation in which you have to defend you or your loved ones to stop an aggressive felon. Owning enough ammunition for target practice is a superb approach to get prepared for the unpredictable. Exactness is critical and sensible weapon owners purchase bulk 45 GAP ammunition to enable them to visit the shooting range often. Thankfully, you will not pay out a lot of money to be sure you possess the skill to hit any specific target. You can purchase cheap 45 GAP ammo on the internet for aiming practice. Although less costly bullets may very well be fine for the range, plenty of carry concealed weapon license owners prefer to fill the weapon using high quality bullets while in the house or even within a open place.

Health-care Precisely as It Was Supposed to Have Been

You might have already read the current buzz about the MDVIP health care plan, as the idea is in the process of taking the United States by a storm. Fundamentally, MDVIP personalized healthcare is healthcare the way it certainly needs to have been, with all the concentration on health as compared to disease. While the medical and insurance coverage worlds have been engaged tossing darts via our politicians within the trenches of that particular no man’s land referred to as Obamacare, MDVIP was silently designing a fruitful membership centered, personalized system to exceptional healthcare putting the focus on supporting, enhancing and also maintaining health whilst being vigilant in order to detect almost any diversions fast enough to end up being re-mediated.

In the event that this approach sounds good, keep reading. The current MDVIP methodology is definitely oriented to safe guarding wellbeing in contrast to managing disease. It is actually positive as opposed to reactive. Whenever you partner with MDVIP, you will be together using nurturing and skilled physicians which choose to take needed time to actually become familiar with you as being a individual, the kind of lifestyle you actually lead along with the current standing of your personal current health through consultations, screenings and also cutting edge evaluations. Come find out just what the excitement is all about. Check out what happens any time real association replaces red-tape and additionally discover a return to authentic professional medical care, as it was previously and now is yet again.

Advance Planning is certainly the answer to Enduring Identity Theft

Identity fraud will likely cause bad credit ratings, a criminal file, health care insurance refusal and several utilities with your name you simply never authorized and / or inquired about. To successfully identify the many dishonest transactions and then get each of them cleaned up can take a long time. You must make a lot of demands to collectors, cell phone suppliers, loan companies and energy services to get records in your name shut down and to successfully prove to them all you did not apply for the credit cards at all. In addition, if you are a subject of identity theft, you aren’t likely to get a great deal of help from law enforcement officials. You shouldn’t expect the individual who took your credit to be charged or ever be required to reimburse you for the frustration they created. With all the problems id theft results in, the most effective solution is to always take appropriate steps so you’ll be able to protect against it from ever happening to you. There are actually steps you can take to to help keep your personal identification protected from criminals. A trustworthy identity protection company which includes lifelock advantage can lessen your odds of becoming a target to an devious criminal. Thieves realize that the majority of people fail to proactively check their personal credit file which makes it easy for them to exploit that very vulnerability. With a monitoring company, though, you can sleep comfortably knowing in the event something out of the ordinary occurs with your credit file, you will be alerted. In most situations, the most undesirable part in relation to for a victim of stolen identity is mending the incredible damage the crooks created. Many people who hope to recover independently often invest a long time and hard earned money hoping to fix the destruction done to their good credit rating. If you rely on the best in the field to protect your identity, you don’t have to worry in case you are in fact victimized. With extensive industry experience as well as the skill that comes together with being in business for years, Lifelock can ensure your recovery if you’re at any time a sufferer of identity fraud. If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, you are not alone. You can find more information about services to help you safeguard your credit or to recover by visiting

Ranking The Top 10 Life Insurance Companies

Most people are thinking of family when they purchase life insurance. They want their family to live comfortably, if something happened to them. Loved ones should be able to pay the family bills without worrying about debt. Insuring a life means that funeral expenses will be paid and children can attend college. If the insured lives a long life, insurance will supplement retirement.

There are basically two types of life insurance, term and whole life. Term life insurance is easy to understand. The insured pays a month premium and in the event of their death, the beneficiary receives the insurance proceeds. “Term” is used to indicate how long the premium stays the same. For example, if it is a $100,000 30-year term policy with a $50 monthly premium, the premium stays the same for 30 years. On the other hand, whole life insurance is more complicated. The main difference is that the policy has one payment amount if someone dies. This payment is called the face value. Whole life policies also have a cash value that works like an investment. The longer you pay the premium, the greater the policy’s cash value. In fact, at some point, individuals can withdraw money from a whole life policy. The downside is that whole life policies are more expensive than term life.

People who are shopping for life insurance may be interested in a recent article listing the top 10 Life Insurance Companies. Northwestern Mutual was ranked number one due to its trillion dollar portfolio. This company paid out more than five billion dollars in dividends and policy coverage in 2012. Next, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance was recognized for having 12-million policyholders around the world. This company has more than 141-billion dollars in assets. Metlife is third on the list for serving 100-million policyholders around the world.The oldest insurance company in the U.S., New York Life, was fourth on the list. New York Life has over two-trillion dollars worth of insurance policies among its hundreds of subsidiaries. The six companies rounding out the list were Prudential, Aflac, Lincoln National, Principal Financial Group, Genworth and Reinsurance Group of America. Consumers should be able to find the best insurance for them, among this group of companies.

Case Study: My Experience With Companies

Benefits of Having Project Managers It is definitely a lot of work taking on a project. The need for project management can be taken for granted. Mostly, the person in-charge for a project seems to know what he or she is doing. Despite the knowledge and experience of a person handling a project, professional project management definitely makes a huge difference in the project’s totality. Project managers are well trained to deal with the project with efficiency, team work, and superior quality. Having a project manager to deal with an important project can definitely give superior results. The managers tasks are generally classified into three. The first that needs to be done is to formulate and outline the totality of the project. This stage will require proper assessment and studying of the project. The project manager will identify the needs in order to get through the project accordingly. Second is to segregate the team into different tasks that need to be done. This is when the project manager assesses the skills of his or her team members to assign tasks to them accordingly. Lastly, the project manager will extract all the resources necessary to assure that each tasks is done in excellence. The project manager will be the confidant of the whole project. He or she will use his expertise in assuring that everything is going perfectly well. He or she will be in charge with the project as a whole. In project management, the most assured way to be successful is to start strong. Build a strong foundation so that the project would be directed strong all the way. For you to have a kick start, you must make sure of many things. Below is a quick guide to build a strong foundation.
Why No One Talks About Solutions Anymore
Before anything else, you must assess yourself first if you can do such kind of project. Is it something you are not comfortable with or have you done this kind of project before? If you have experience in managing such kind of project, that is better because most probably you are familiar with the tasks related to complete the project and if you don’t, then you must learn and research more.
The 10 Commandments of Projects And How Learn More
Next, you need to assess if the resources, time, and people are sufficient to make the project work. Time, resources and people are very important to make the project successful. Once the project started regular meeting should be held. Every detail should be recorded in order to keep track of the project. Make sure that your project team do their tasks and complete them before deadline. Team aesthetics is very important along the process. Project management is highly significant in every project. The project manager should have the skills, knowledge, training and experience in handling different types of projects.

On Products: My Thoughts Explained

The Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream Gelato, one of the best treats found in the freezer section, is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite desserts. Gelato was once scarce but now there are so many selections you might have a hard time choosing which one to buy. People often use the words gelato and ice cream interchangeably but they are not the same thing. And any gelato connoisseur will be quick to set the record straight on that. If you aren’t quite sure what the difference is, especially since gelato translates to ice cream in English, continue reading. The fat content is one thing that makes the two desserts different. Ice cream uses much more cream than gelato. Gelato uses milk instead. And there aren’t nearly as many egg yolks in gelato as there is in ice cream. This cuts the fat content 10% in most gelato brands and even more in others. That makes Gelato a good pick for those who are concerned with the amount of fat they are consuming in their diets. Ice cream is churned faster than gelato. Ice cream increases in volume over 75% once the churning process is complete. It’s very ‘fluffy’. On the other hand, gelato is churned slow, producing a much denser product. This creates a drastic difference in the texture. After eating enough gelato, you will definitely be able to tell the difference between the two because of their different ‘mouthfeel’.
6 Facts About Products Everyone Thinks Are True
They are also served up at different temperatures too. Ice cream is usually served at about 10 degrees F. Gelato is served at a much warmer temperature- around 30 degrees F. Gelato is already very dense. It would be too hard to enjoy if it was served at the same 10 degrees F. that ice creams is. And if somehow ice cream ended up in the gelato freezer, you wouldn’t have ice cream anymore but instead soup.
6 Facts About Products Everyone Thinks Are True
You may also notice that they taste different as well. ‘Lighter’ is a word that gets used a lot when describing gelato. It is not as sweet as ice cream so it also said to taste more natural. Gelato is after all an Italian dessert and Italian deserts tend to be less sweet than American ones. However, as made obvious by this article, the biggest difference between the two, closely related desserts, lies in their textures. Gelato is dense and smooth. For this reason it is often used in fancy deserts. Chefs find it much more easy to sculpt and they say it increases a plates presentation value more than ice cream.